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It’s been more then 10 years since I had my first erotic massage experience. It happened in Bangkok. After studying boards and newsgroups it was clear to me: Barron’s Barber Shop on Sukhumvit Road and Soi 24 beside the iconic Emporium Mall was the place to go as it had the best reputation. It was easy to find. Upon entering the shop I was asked whether I wanted a haircut or a shave. Confusion set in. ‘Am I in the right place?’ I asked ‘you have massage?’ The receptionist looked at me like she had seen an alien, but decided to accompany me for a couple of steps to a small booth where another lady was sitting: ‘800 Baht, please’. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but paid the 800 Baht and was led to fourth floor into a small room with a bed and a small shower. What followed was my first key experience in massage sex and I will always keep thinking about it from time to time.

Today was a frustrating day. While on a short vacation in Bangkok I visited Orchid massage on Soi 24. They had this photo album full of beautiful girls that all looked like flawless Thai models from fashion agencies. Now, it’s well known those photos are enhanced with software like Adobe’s photoshop or Apple’s Aperture. Normally, they just blur sensitive skin parts like stretchmarks and lighten up the girls’ skin to given them fair complexion similar to Thai cute babe sites. Normally, you can still recognize the masseuse. There was this attendant ‘Nut’ who looked like a young bombshell with perfect 90-60-90 measurements, slim body with full breasts and beautiful face. She was working in Orchid’s branch on Soi 31. I walked over to meet her.

All massage parlors and similar establishments follow a no-photo policy to protect the privacy of their providers, safety of customers and business interest of establishments. Possibly, trusted customers will be granted permission to shoot private snaps. Guys who are lucky to steal some shots, should keep them private or respect privacy if circulating them to wider audiences – i.e. by blurring faces or distributing images in private circles. There are various reasons for this, mostly privacy and respect for the persons’ safety. There have been various prostitution scandals in countries like Marocco and Algeria when courtesans committed suicide after their sex photos were exposed on international sex forum websites. Also some establishments had to close doors and cease operation due to public exposure (i.e. neighbors complaining about living next to a whorehouse). Just posting this as a reminder to protect each other from undesired publicity. Would you like to keep banging your wive if she was exposed in a bareback gangbang with total strangers on a global guide? Better you never knew it was coming, maybe. Cheers!

Back in Thailand’s capital for an extensive tour of oily fun end of this year. There are many new and renovated massage shops around Emporium Mall area on Soi 24 and 24-1. Two most notable venues are Cherry Massage and Addict BKK. While passing by Addict massage shop – it’s located next to Pink, Mango, EZ and Orient shops – one of the therapists chatted me up and told me she remembered me from two years ago at Angel massage on Soi 26. What a great memory she had (I had no recollection at all). That had to be rewarded and I decided to book 90 minutes of gel massage for 2100 Baht. The rooms at Addict Massage BKK are newly renovated and very clean, also slightly bigger compared to Pink or Aviva. It’s just my personal observation, but reading parlor reviews I am not alone with my experience. Older women like matures and MILFs tend to provide much better service than 18 years old therapists in bikini. Why? Probably, because they need to in order to compete with younger talent. Possibly, because they have the skills and are rather interested in keeping the same customer over and over again and not aiming for new guys all time over. Customer satisfaction is always good for a bodyrub patron.

Many business ideas from well established entertainment destinations are copied in the Philippines. Angeles City, home of sleezy bars with Filipina dancers, ix experiencing a new boom. Lots of new massage parlors open and Imee massage is one of the brands dominating the bodyrub market with shops in various destinations. An one hour massage is around 400 Piso. Treatments are conducted in small cubicle separated by curtains as I have experienced it at their shop beside “Savannah Hotel” on Don Juico Street. FKK clubs are great German brothels and some of them offer massage services for a fee. Maybe you have seen the advertising online or in print. Well, whatever you might think: it is not as it should be!  Still in Manila, Philippines I was interested in a good massage and noticed recommendations of Core Town Spa on EDSA in Pasay. It’s a Korean style spa with hot and cold water pools, sauna, artificial waterfalls. An afternoon of spa facilities, body wash and Swedish massage was around 1300 Piso. A nice treat! After use of facilities you proceed to a row of plastic chairs. While you sit down naked, a fairly attractive Filipina lady would wash and rinse every spot of your body with soap using her hands. It’s hard not to wish for some hand relief. As a matter of fact, most body washing ladies would ask you that question at the end of a 10 minute wash. For a modest tip of 100 to 200 Piso your exotic Filipina masseuse would provide a soapy hand relief. Later soapy reliever would hand out a small blue envelope with her shop name to deposit a fee upon check out.

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